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I would highly recommend Dr. Katrina Royce in regard to her excellent Physical Therapy skills and the amazing customer experience she provides to all of her patients.  I have numerous physical ailments (torn meniscus in both knees resulting in needing a double knee replacement, Fibromyalgia, and chronic Migraines).  All conditions started in my early 40s.  With the help of Katrina’s manual Physical Therapy practiced couples with her home exercises  she has been detrimental in helping with my physical health which leads to help with my mental health.  As we all know when we are in a chronic pain situation it is taxing on all health aspects.    My neurologist and orthopedic surgeon agree without the help of PT I would not be as functional as I am today.  I continue to see Katrina and notice an immediate decline in health when breaks in treatment happen due to work or personal scheduling reasons.  She is amazing !  10 out of 10 recommendation for Katrina and her skills in the Physical Therapy realm.

-Nicole F


"Katrina is highly knowledgeable and skilled.  She works magic with her physical therapy intuition and expertise....she is quickly able to assess appropriate therapeutic interventions, and is able to clearly educate regarding exercises for homework.  I appreciate Katrina's poise and sense of humor as a former patient.  I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend her to my sexual health clients for assessments and treatment for pelvic floor functioning....she is a boon to the field of pelvic floor physical therapy."

--Michelle L. Liska, Certified Sex Therapist


I am writing this testimonial in regards to the outstanding treatment that I received from Katrina when she practiced in Chelsea Michigan. I came to Katrina initially with hip trouble And she quickly took me in the right direction to resolve that. Within a short time after that I had shoulder surgery. I knew because of the professional and caring treatment received from Katrina that I would call her to schedule my physical therapy for my  shoulder. Katrina is able to deliver A very focused treatment plan based on her education and years of experience where she has developed her styles and Modalities for many different injuries.

On a personal level, She is Kind, well-thought-out in her treatment of patience, and has a terrific sense of humor.

For a very personal and professional experience, I would always recommend that a person wanting kind, caring and efficient treatment would contact Katrina.

Respectfully submitted,

-Matthew M

I was a patient of Katrina's for about three years. She helped me walk again, strengthen muscles and learn exercises to decrease the constant pain. Most importantly, she listens carefully to her patients concerns and develops care to meet their ever-changing needs. 

-Kelli H


Katrina helped me prepare for a 500 mile walk, during training I noticed my calves were very tight. She went above and beyond to give me stretches and work throughout the week. Her treatments always made me feel like a million bucks. I would recommend Katrina's physical therapy to anyone. She helped my hips and jaw feel looser and my entire body feel connected and stronger. 

-Nicole W


I experienced many benefits during my therapy sessions with Katrina.  She is not only knowledgeable in her job but listens to her patients.  She was so engaged and caring over the months she was my therapist.  Her expertise was stellar.  She is a treasure to her clients.  I would recommend her any day.

-Sandy K

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