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Pelvic Floor Rehab

There are many reasons people seek help for pelvic floor dysfunction. Here are some of the more common ones that physical therapy (PT) can help with. 

Pelvic Pain

For some pain through the pelvis or lower abdomen is the main complaint. This can be either during activity, at rest or later in the day after an irritating activity has occurred. Pelvic pain can be the result of many different conditions including scar tissue, soft tissue that is not flexible even without a scar present, muscle guarding, muscle with too much tension and weak muscles that do not do a good enough job supporting to name a few. PT can help identify the root cause for your pelvic pain and develop a plan of care to address it both in the clinic and at home. 



Pelvic prolapse is when a structure has been allowed to move towards the vaginal opening and presses there causing pressure, pain or difficulty with urinating or defecating and/or performing certain activities especially lifting. This could be bladder, uterus, cervix or rectum. PT can help to improve prolapse status and regain function for many people and can even improve your condition enough to no longer experience any symptoms. 



For some people, their day is ruled by where the bathrooms are. Always needing to know where the bathrooms are in any public space, having public bathrooms mapped out on daily commutes, restricting fluid intake in the evening, waking up multiple times per night to urinate and even avoiding certain activities due to unpredictable bathrooms or long periods of time between toileting required. This is usually very quick to treat with PT even if you have experienced these symptoms your entire life. A lot of people were just told that they have a small bladder so they have never pursued it any further. PT can help a lot!!!!


Leaking with coughing/laughing/sneezing

This is incredibly common. Not "normal" but common. No matter your age, no matter if you have had children or not, you can greatly reduce or eliminate this symptom from your life! Kegals are not always the solution for this complaint. In fact for some, Kegals will make things worse. PT can help to create the best plan for each individual based on their own body and their own story. 

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